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IELTS Writing

This course prepares students for IELTS writing: 

  • Lessons for all prompt types: 7 different Writing Task #2 prompt types
  • 100% effective templates for all essay prompt types, including sentence skeletons with embedded grammar to help boost your Grammatical Range and Accuracy score
  • Over 100 prompts to choose from
  • Over 80 Band 9 models written by native speaker IELTS examiners
  • 75+ hours of class recordings
  • Bonus: Grammar and Complex Sentences mini course that covers the key grammar concepts you MUST master to get Band 7 on writing
  • Writing feedback option: All writing tasks include 2-stage feedback: write, receive feedback, revise, receive additional feedback with follow-up exercises. All writing tasks receive colour-coded feedback and are assessed using the IELTS writing rubric. See exactly where you are losing marks.

To enroll in this course, go to https://torontoieltsprep.com/program-options/

Grammar and Complex Sentences

Grammar and Complex Sentences

This course focuses on: 

1. Mastery of complex sentence structures: this is critical not only for improving writing and speaking but also for reading and listening comprehension.

2. Mastery of the grammar needed for the 10 most common communication situations. ALL of these are crucial for IELTS, CELPIP, TOEFL, or TOEIC writing and speaking prompts.

Jan Waginski